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We set up one or several weekly lessons, and I call you each week at the agreed day(s) and time(s). 

If you cannot commit to a regular weekly time, we will decide together on the next lesson date and time at the end of each lesson.

When registering for classes, the minimum commitment is 4 lessons. (Payment in advance.)

The cost per lesson decreases depending on the number of lessons purchased.


for 1 person

55 minutes

30 minutes

4 lessons (minimum)

€156 (USD 174, GBP 139)

€100 (USD 110, GBP 89)

11 lessons (10% discount)

€390 (USD 439, GBP 349)

€250 (USD 279, GBP 225)

22 lessons (14% discount)

€738 (USD 799, GBP 659)

€478 (USD 529, GBP 429)

55 lessons  (19% discount)

€1780 (USD 1959, GBP 1599)

€1140 (USD 1259, GBP1030)

European bank transfers are possible. Credit card payment online is possible via the button below.

If you need to skip a week or more because of your work, vacation time, etc., that's no problem; you just need to let me know in advance. You may cancel a session with 36 hrs notice. Please understand that I have to charge for cancellations on short notice.

Existing students, Please click to pay for your lessons:

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I felt very relaxed and really enjoined my class with Sylvie.

She was very attentive to how and what it was that I wanted to learn.

It was so very clever being able to have my class

from home in the UK and use the screen between us to write on

while we chatted on the phone. Brilliant!

Nicola P., Norfolk, UK

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